Visible. Physical. Sharable. Unavoidable.

Our work connects people to ideas, brands and one another, evoking emotion and forming lasting impressions.

We thrive on innovating original concepts and solving problems from a unique perspective. Comprised of multi-disciplinary thinkers, artists, designers, filmmakers and writers, TYGH takes a project from goal to concept through to design, production and/or fabrication, installation, activation. We call upon an unparalleled knowledge of the global scene, constant travel and research and in-studio experimentation to continually grow and be inspired.

We are obsessive about details and quality. TYGH is guided by the belief that the medium needs to be executed perfectly in order to deliver an authentic and thoughtful message. Because of this, we largely handle the realization of projects inhouse—logistically, this also allows us to control timeline, budget, and to quickly accommodate Client’s requests.

TYGH Studio has a drive to create and learn and grow with companies who want to grow; who have a broad view and care about the future. Companies who want to make a difference, who want to be better and make the world better, connecting with people and their communities. One of our goals is to design projects with their afterlife in mind. By thinking about this during the concept / design stage we can plan for the project to be reused, recycled, or redesigned for additional life cycles. We use recycled materials and leftover supplies, upcycle misprinted materials, and donate unused supplies to schools and art programs—this with the belief that it’s important to foster the next generation of creative experimenters and problem solvers.

Some of our Clients